Makes your work easier


ReadyGas offers a simple
bottle swap system for all
your refrigerant gas needs


ReadyGas operates a Bottle Swap System - you swap empty bottles for full bottles. ReadyGas sells six major gases at competitive prices with no extra or hidden costs such as cylinder rental, cleaning or maintenance charges.

In the near future, ReadyGas will supply all refrigerant gas types to the Australian refrigeration market. Our clients will own their cylinders and will be able to swap them for full cylinders at any one of our sites or through our distributors.


Engineered for Performance

ReadyGas will accept any cylinders you may currently own if swapped for the same gas type, provided they are compliant to AS2030.1 – 1999 and S -2Mpa pressure rating, and are in safe approved working condition.

ReadyGas cylinders are colour coded. They are supplied full with refrigerant and are compliant with AS 2469 and AS 2470. All cylinders will be supplied with service valves.

Six ReadyGas gases are currently available:

General Features

Easy Maintenance

No need for bottle counts or reconciliation. For example, if you need an additional 4 gas cylinders of 20kg R134a to commission a job, you will be charged the cost of the gas plus an additional cost for the four cylinders.


No need for cylinder management or reconciliation. The cylinders are your asset and can be returned to ReadyGas for credit.

Save on Administration

Some of the major benefits of using ReadyGas are savings in administration costs by not having to reconcile activity statements, cylinder tracking, account details for rental, and name recipient.


When you need additional gas, just bring back the empty bottles and we will swap them for full ones - you pay only for the gas refill. Own your own cylinders and swap empty for full at any one of our sites or through our distributors.

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